Paper on critical thinking

  1. Introduction
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A. Critical thinking plays a major role in evaluating the problem that an individual, company or organization is facing.

B. Through critical thinking, the decision maker analyzes the problem and comes up with some ways through which the problem can be solved.

C.  Critical thinking therefore serves as an important tool through which a problem can be solved.

II. Problem statement

  1. In this case, a pharmaceutical company is in the process of determining the cars to buy for its marketing operations.
  2. The Company is currently intending to replace 50-vehicle fleet that has been assigned to the field representatives of the company in the marketing group.
  3.  The Company’s Vice President has requested for detailed information that outlines the key features of three possible vehicle candidates which include Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Camry, and Ford Fusion.
  4. The information is to be used by the corporate management for decision making. The Vice President also stated that the outline should embrace three main features of the three vehicles.
  5. This paper aims at providing a plan that can be used in the analysis.

III. Criteria to use in addressing the problem

  1. The criteria to be used in this case will involve collecting data concerning the three models of the car while taking special considerations on features which include price, performance and durability.
  2. Price

A. This will incorporate considerations on car size, class, and warranty that the       company wishes to offer on each of the cars (Biols, 2013).

B. The decision should consider the difference between bumper-to-bumper warranties of different cars and also look at the parts of the automobile which the warranty covers.

C. The cost of maintaining and servicing the car, and cost of insuring each car is also important in this segment.

  1. Performance

A. This is the second criteria of evaluating the three car models. This criterion involves considering factors such as car’s acceleration, safety and handling characteristics (Mehes, 2013).

B. The decision maker should critically evaluate the level of satisfaction that is derived in driving each vehicle.

C. The other point of consideration in this case is the safety that is derived when the driver wishes to merge onto a freeway.

D. The decision maker should also consider each car’s handling characteristics and whether these characteristics are suited to the common driving styles. He should also investigate the stability of each car at high speed.

E. Another consideration in this case is how sound are the car brakes are and the performance of the car in panic stops.

  1. Durability

A. Under durability, the decision maker should identify the number of years that the vehicle is expected to stay before it needs to be changed (Baechle, 2013).

B. Other important factors to be considered in this case include the rate of depreciation of the car and the number of times similar cars have broken down.

IV. How to collect the data

A. The data ought to be collected from various sources.

1. The first place where data can be collected concerning the three vehicles is company’s website.

2. Various companies post data concerning their vehicles in their website and a decision maker ought to utilize this data while making decision.

3. Contacting people who have used similar cars can also be an important source of data.

4. Middle men who also sell cars can provide important information concerning the vehicles in question.

V. Other elements

A. Other elements that can be important in addressing the issue include conformity of       each car with technology and history.

B.  In terms of technology, the decision maker should consider how well the          manufacturer   has embraced technology in making the vehicle.

C. The history of the vehicle is also important while determining the car to buy.     4.         D. Considering how similar cars have been performing in terms of serviceability,     durability, aesthetic value and comfort.

VI. Summary

A. In summary, the assignment provides an important way through which the company can solve the issue at hand.

B. The major points generated in the assignment will help the company evaluate major issues as raised in the problem statement.

  1. The assignment also effectively highlights other major issues such as price and durability which together will provide the decision maker with a greater overview of problem.

D. In general, this assignment will allow the company to make a good move in terms of replacing the vehicles.


















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